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Competition vs Collaboration Medicine?

We are really excited to welcome back our most popular podcast and Functional Forum guest Matt Lowman from Freedom Practice Coaching, along with co-founder Gabe Hoffman. We answer a question that comes up all the time for doctors doing integrative medicine... who is the competition?

The answers we gave we probably not what you are expecting. The potential for collaboration to build community health is huge, but we have to get over some long held beliefs to take advantage of it. Like my friend JJ Virgin says 'The Rising Tide Floats All Boats."

Matt Lowman

In this podcast you will hear some of the practical advantages of working with other likeminded physicians (like reduce the costs of acquiring new patients) and learn about the benefits to starting a Functional Forum local meetup.

Three things you will learn from this podcast

  • Who is your real competition? The doctor down the street?
  • How do you build a collaborative community in your area
  • Why vulnerability with other providers leads to better results

Auto-Brewery Syndrome

This month at the Functional Forum we are focused on germs of all varieties, particularly the new science that is shifting our perspective on how we relate to our those 'critters' that live on, in and around us all the time. One fascinating example of symptoms that occur when this balance is off is "auto-brewery syndrome".

This syndrome refers to cases where the patient seems intoxicated (and can even fail a breathalyzer) without drinking any alcohol, as the alcohol is being made internally. Although extreme cases are not that common, there is growing evidence that the underlying issues affect many more people in a range of ways.

This week on the podcast, we are joined by Dr. Anup Kanodia, from Ohio. Not only is he one of the leading experts in this condition, but also through the lens of functional medicine he has developed successful protocols for reversing and treating this complex issue.

Anup Kanodia, MD

In this podcast you will learn

  • The typical causes of auto-brewery syndrome and how to look for it in your patients
  • Dr. Kanodia's holistic protocol for reversing and treating it using functional medicine
  • What auto-brewery syndrome teaches us about the microbiome and more
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5 Steps to Avoid Back Surgery

Healing Backs Without Surgery

Once upon a time Dr. David Hanscom was a back surgeon in the Pacific Northwest, cranking our surgeries like all of his colleagues. But in what is becoming more and more of a common story, a change in his own health made him think twice about his profession. That lead him to write his speciality-changing book "Back in Control: A Spine Surgeon's Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain".


David Hanscom, MD • www.drdavidhanscom.com

In this podcast you can hear the amazing story, plus the 5 Step process that Dr. Hanscom has created to help anyone get our of chronic pain. It is a truly holistic approach, accessing the mind/body and emotional components of this debilitating condition.

Three things you will learn from this podcast

  • Dr. Hanscom's realization about back surgery and placebo
  • The 5-Step Process that Dr. Hanscom uses to reverse back symptoms
  • How you can replicate his protocol in your practice with ease
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