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Evoldution of Medicine News Podcast #17
This week's news podcast is another in our series with special guest John Weeks, called "Charting the Convergence". 
This week you will learn about
- The 80/20 Rule in Health Insurance and What it Means for You
- New research from Minnesota on the Determinants of Health
- The Top 12 Moments in the Last 10 Years of Health Convergence
Please send us your best news stories to news@goevomed.com and feel free to share this with colleagues. Thanks to our sponsor, FullScript. Find out more about their best-in-category e-prescribe tool at www.goevomed.com/fullscript
John Weeks is a chronicler, speaker, change agent and executive with three decades in leadership of the movement for integrative health. He works at the convergence of that historic trend with the medical industry’s recent engagement with creating health. John has consulted and presented with multiple major health care organizations – among these the NIH, WHO, AHA, AAMC, IOM, and APHA – and numerous other academic and professional organizations. He helped found key collaborations in the field including the Integrative Health Policy Consortium and the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health. John’s writing appears regularly at the Huffington Post, Integrative Practitioner, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, the Integrator Blog, and elsewhere. He speaks regularly on the movement's evolution, core challenges and opportunities. He attended Stanford for 3 years, studying history. Four institutions have granted John honorary doctoral degrees. Seattle-based, Weeks feels particularly lucky to have worked 6 of the past 15 years from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico with his spouse and their two children.
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Future of Patient Compliance: Part 13: HRV Patient Engagement
Welcome back to the final podcast in this series on "The Future of Patient Compliance" where we have been documenting the technologies and strategies fueling the empowerment revolution.
Whereas most of the technologies have focused on either training systems or practice based technologies, this week we introduce our first consumer product. Having polled our community, we asked what are the technologies you use to empower the patient between visits. The answer was HeartMath.
HeartMath has been used by over 5 million people and is recommended by 25,000 health professionals around the world. Evolution of Medicine co-founder Gabe Hoffman used it successfully in his NYC practice for years.
In this episode we interview Dr. Tim Culbert a developmental and behavioral pediatrician from Minnesota who has been using the technology with great success for more than a decade. 
In this podcast you will learn
  •  Why Dr Culbert brought HeartMath into his practice and the results
  • The power of Heart Rate Variability to measure good health
  • Clinical and practical best practices for getting the best results with HeartMath

Future of Patient Compliance: Part 12: Doctor Compliance
Welcome back to our popular podcast series entitled "The Future of Patient Compliance" where we document the journey from compliance to empowerment as medicine shifts from a patriarchal model that was a good fit for acute disease, to more of a nurturing, community model that is more suited to chronic disease.
One of our first sponsors on the Functional Forum was Freedom Practice Coaching, who have bemuse the biggest company in the industry for helping doctors transition to a more suitable model for chronic disease care. We have shared some of their best strategies on previous podcasts, but this week we talk about a different area of compliance.... doctor compliance.
How compliant are you with what you need to do to improve your practice? If you are asking patients to change behavior or make investments into their health, how do you comply with your own areas of weakness?
In this podcast we speak with Deborah Matthew, MD a physician leader from North Carolina who speaks openly about what it really took to build a successful practice model, from being just busy to building a profitable, efficient practice.
In this podcast you will learn
  • Why a busy practice isn't always a successful practice
  • What it took for this doctor to get out of her own way
  • The key strategies Dr. Matthew took from FPC to take her to success
Freedom Practice Coaching is excited to announce they have a new weekend program to teach practitioners their lead flow and packaging system and have them leave with a 90 day plan to implement. The Functional Forum and Evolution of Medicine community can sign up at vastly discounted rates until the end of April.
Find out more here

Evolution of Medicine News Podcast #15

Welcome to our news podcast for April 16th 2016.

Each week we look at the stories that are important to the integrative medicine community.

In this week's episode we cover:

- New review shows healthcare will cost $18tn per year by 2040
- 3-D printed ovaries and what it could mean for fertility
- Conflict of interests to be shown prominently on PubMed
- Sean Parker gives $250 to solve cancer through cooperation

Thanks to our sponsor, MBODY360​. Find out more about their adherence and plan delivery app at www.goevomed.com/MBODY.

Please send us your best news stories to news@goevomed.com and feel free to share this with colleagues.

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Future of Patient Compliance: Part 11: Delivering Plans
We have been thrilled at the feedback from our community from our "Future of Patient Compliance" series, where we have started the conversation about how we can shift the conversation on "compliance" to "empowerment" and see how technology can best help us to scale and automate that transition.
More than any other podcast in this series, we are thrilled to bring this interview to you. One of the main reasons for this is that the Functional Forum had a role in bringing this technology into the world. One of our goals at the Forum was to bring together technologists and Functional Medicine doctors to see how those collisions could lead to solutions for our community.
If you have been following the Forum you know about MBODY360, an app that creates a new level of engagement between patient and practitioner. In this episode you will hear from Kari Thorstensen, the creator of the app, and Dr. Vincent Pedre, Functional Medicine physician and digital innovator.
In this podcast we discuss
  • How Kari came to create the underlying technology for MBODY360
  • How MBODY360 tracks actively and passively to create real connection
  • Why MBODY360 has become a key tool in Dr Pedre's practice

Evolution of Medicine News Podcast #14
Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine News Videocast for April 9th 2016
This week we bring in a special guest news curator, Dr. David Ludwig, and we bring you the most compelling articles from his Facebook page and his Medium blog. Dr Ludwig is an Endocrinologist and Researcher at Harvard and Boston Children's Hospital, and #1 NYT Best Selling Author of "Always Hungry"
Top stories this week
- CDC Announces Declining Life Expectancy in the USA for the first time
- 3000+ Person Study Shows Full Fat Dairy Reduces Type 2 Diabetes
- Price on Insulin Tripes from 2002 - 2013 and Implications
- Endocrine Society Reports Bisphenol S (BPS) as Toxic as BPA
Please keep your favorite news stories coming to us, send them to news@goevomed.com
Thanks so much to our sponsors "The Uber for Phlebotomists" who are radically improving the efficiency of Functional Medicine. Sign up now at www.goevomed.com/IGGBO
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Future of Patient Compliance: Part 10: Healthwave to Fullscript
Future of Patient Compliance: Part 10: Healthwave to Fullscript
If you have been following our work for the last year, you know we have been big supporters of Healthwave. As a technology platform that makes it easy to prescribe professional grade supplements with no overhead requirements and a best in category user experience, we see it as a key tool in the development of a low overhead, high value practice model.
When we started this "Future of Patient Compliance" series, marrying the shift from compliance to empowerment with the technological tools to accelerate it, Kyle Braatz, the CEO of Healthwave was our first guest on the first episode. A year later, Healthwave has undergone a transformation to Fullscript.com. As we find out in this podcast, this is more than a branding change, this represents a massive upgrade in their service, not only adding full online and offline integration of inventory, but not the availability of all product lines on the platform, making it truly brand agnostic.
In this podcast you will learn
  • Why an e-prescribe platform is a key part of any integrative micro practice
  • What was the reason for Healthwave to shift to Fullscript
  • Some of the exciting new adherence features of the new service

Evolution of Medicine News Podcast #13
Welcome to our video newscast for April 2nd 2016.

In this week's episode we cover 
- Opioid Induced Constipation and its relevance to our community
- A new technology to tell you exactly whats in your food
- The AAP recommends that breast feeding should not be referred to as 'natural' 
Please send us your best news stories to news@goevomed.com and feel free to share this with colleagues.
Thanks to our sponsor, MBODY360. Find out more about their adherence and plan delivery app at www.goevomed.com/MBODY.
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