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Patrick Holford is the author of 46 books on nutrition and lifestyle factors for wellness. He is also the founder of a charity, Food for the Brain Foundation, and the voluntary director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Project.

He joins James on this episode to showcase the foundation’s resources for reversing cognitive decline and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. They discussed targeted nutrition approaches and other tools available to patients and practitioners on the foundation’s website.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about:

  • Which nutrient deficiencies correlate with poorer cognitive function
  • How to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease through supplementation
  • The success rates of targeted nutrition therapy for reversing cognitive decline—and how nutrition therapy can be more successful than pharmaceuticals
  • Cognitive function data collected from 377,000 participants via the foundation's test

Discover more valuable resources on the Food for the Brain Foundation’s website, where you can also register for their virtual Masterclass on Alzheimer’s prevention. Registrants will have access to a recording if they cannot attend the live event on November 1, 2022.

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This episode features Leo Galland, MD, who outlines a systems biology approach to understanding and treating post-COVID syndrome.

Dr. Galland created the graphic below to model factors and biological repercussions of long COVID. In the interview, Dr. Galland walks us through each element in the web of long COVID.

During the pandemic, he also created and published two hour-long videos—one for patients and one for providers—containing research and recommendations on addressing long COVID. The information he shares is intended to empower and educate both health care providers and patients.

Download and listen to this episode to learn more about:

  • The deficiency that both contributes to and results from long COVID
  • Key information about what causes long covid
  • How to prevent severe infection and address symptoms
  • Downstream effects of viral damage that should be addressed by functional medicine providers


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