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Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast! On this episode, James sits down with his friend and colleague, Uli Iserloh, PhD. Uli is the Chief Operating Officer at the Evolution of Medicine and founder of Big Boost Marketing, where he helps practitioners build education-based marketing structures for their practices. This episode kicks off our Practice Marketing Series, which will give functional medicine practitioners a step-by-step guide to taking their practices to the next level. Highlights from this episode include:

  • Understanding the “hero’s journey” in marketing and how using the method of storytelling can accelerate your marketing efforts and engage patients, both current and potential
  • What an education-based marketing infrastructure would look like in your practice
  • How the process of buying a car is actually quite similar to marketing a functional medicine practice (you might be surprised!)
  • How to differentiate your practice and services when marketing to patients
  • How to not only attract patients to your website, but also continue engaging with them via email and social media
  • How to define your marketing message
  • And so much more!

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Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast! On this episode, James sits down with Julie Foucher-Urcuyo, MD, functional medicine physician, four-time CrossFit Games athlete, and host of the Pursuing Health podcast. Her talent and drive have made her well-known in both the functional medicine and CrossFit spaces, and she is poised to make a big impact in healthcare. It was an excellent conversation and I think you’ll learn a lot—enjoy! Highlights include:

  • Understanding the synergy of functional movement and functional medicine
  • Julie’s definition of CrossFit, and why she encourages people to look beyond common perceptions of the sport
  • How CrossFit and functional medicine compare when addressing misconceptions and educating people on the health benefits each provide
  • What it was like to pursue medical school while competing in the world of CrossFit
  • What we can learn at the cross-section of resilience, CrossFit and the future of medicine
  • And so much more!

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