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This week we have guest host, Kristen Brokaw on to interview Dr. Miles Bodzin about the business of functional medicine. Dr. Bodzin discusses what to do for your practice overwhelm. He shares what he struggled with as well as tips and tricks he has learned to improve patient retention.

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On this episode, guest host Kristen Brokaw interviews Chris Smith, founder of Campfire Effectâ„¢. Campfire Effectâ„¢ is a company that teaches entrepreneurs how to talk about their work in a way that is as powerful and impactful as the work itself.

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Proving Functional Medicine at the Mayo Clinic
This week on the Evolution of Medicine Podcast, we are super excited to have Dr. Daniel Kalish, founder of the Kalish Method.  He's one of the most interesting and influential people in Functional Medicine. He has been coaching doctors in systems for successful practices for almost a decade.

Dr. Kalish has just completed a study with the Mayo Clinic which looked at Functional Medicine, specifically, evaluating the Kalish Method as a means of improving health.  We're excited to share some insight on the study, what it could mean for the industry and more about the Kalish Method.

In this podcast you will hear:
  • Details about the Mayo Clinic study and what it means for the industry
  • Dr. Kalish's top tips for being successful in practice
  • How Dr. Kalish's training program fits into "Functional Medicine 2.0"

For more information about the Kalish Institute: goevomed.com/kalish