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Adrian den Boer, DC, ND joins the podcast this week to share his clinical success with collagen. As a functional medicine practitioner with extensive experience in naturopathic and chiropractic care, Dr. den Boer is just the person we needed to speak with to learn about the benefits of collagen for the musculoskeletal system.  

Tune into this episode to hear his astounding success stories, including one that did not even seem possible, according to his medical school training. He also provided clinical pearls that will help you achieve the best outcomes and improve compliance when using collagen with your patients.

Listen to the full episode to learn:

  •         How collagen helps athletes recover from injury
  •         Benefits of collagen for the aging musculoskeletal system
  •         How Dr. den Boer’s highly successful practice got started, and why he is passionate about quality testing for supplements
  •         Issues and risks with using bone broth in place of collagen supplements
  •         And much, much more!
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Functional Forum Local Communities connect like-minded practitioners, enabling dialog, information sharing, interdisciplinary discussion, and community building for those who attend.

In this episode we hear from a Functional Forum Community host and a loyal attendee. Kristen Brokaw, this week’s host, is the leader of Saint Louis’ local Forum Community, and founder of the St. Louis Institute for Integrative Medicine (SLIIM).

Guest Grant Corsi is the Community Host of the Orange County Functional Forum Community.  He shares his story about what drove him to begin planning community events and what has made his community successful.

Our second guest is Anthony Pasek, DC who has been attending St. Louis Forum Community events for at least seven years. He speaks to the value of his community, including professional camaraderie and collaboration.

Listen to this short episode to learn:

·       Valuable tips for initiating community meetups

·       Why you should consider hosting your own local Community

·       What challenges to expect, and how to prepare for them as a new host

·        The benefits of attending local community events for physicians

·       And much, much more.

Help us honor this year’s theme of Connection by sharing this episode and consider joining or hosting a local Forum Community near you.

Find a community near you.

Host a community.

Request a community.  

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