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This week’s podcast guest is Jonathan Jones, PhD, a plant polyphenols researcher and the Chief Scientific Officer at Monteloeder, a company that provides innovative, scientifically researched botanical ingredients by assessing the botanicals’ components, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacities, and mechanisms of action.

They developed a product called metabolaid®, which contains a standardized ratio of Hibiscus sabdariffa extract and lemon verbena extract to deliver active compounds, primarily anthocyanins and verbascoside, respectively. This product reduces triglyceride buildup in fat cells in the liver and adipose tissue.

We learned from Dr. Jones about how metabolaid® activates AMPK, which can switch on fat burning and block fat storage. There are numerous other cardiovascular and weight-loss benefits linked to this product, including improved microbiome diversity and others discussed by Dr. Jones in this episode.

Please listen to the full conversation to learn the following about this powerful botanical:

  •       Its cardiovascular and fat-loss benefits
  •        The plant components and mechanisms of action
  •        The research and extraction process
  •        How this product differs from incretin agonists and increases GLP-1 expression
  •        And much, much more!
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Zandra Palma, MD practices what she calls “sub-diagnostic analysis and disease reversal,” which is primarily environmental medicine with a touch of functional medicine. Environmental medicine, according to our guest, looks for elegant solutions to chronic health conditions. This often means removing environmental toxins that trigger mitochondrial dysfunction. 

Common environmental toxins include heavy metals, pesticides, plastics like BPA, and biotoxins like Lyme and mold—among many others. She also discusses the treatments she uses to reboot mitochondrial function.

Her passion is to spread the word about the gravity of the effects environmental toxins have on human health, especially the hormone-disrupting impacts of plastics and BPAs.

She recently gave a TEDx talk, which was censored by the TED organization. Thankfully, she was able to rip the video so you can still watch it online. In her talk, she provides specific tips to protect yourself from environmental toxins and recommendations for initiating grass roots movements in your community.

Other topics Dr. Palma covered in the conversation include:

  •  Factors that motivate patients to care about their environment, such as weight loss, fertility and the health of future generations
  •   The CLARITY-BPA Program
  •  Why environmentalism is a public health issue
  • And much more!
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Our guest for this episode is Zeev E. Neuwirth, MD, an advocate for transforming healthcare delivery.

He is a healthcare executive with over 15 years of clinical practice in internal medicine and another 15 years in clinical operations, quality improvement, care redesign and population health. Dr. Neuwirth is also a digital health industry advisor, podcast host and author.

His most recent book released in September 2023 is called Beyond The Walls: Megatrends, Movements and Market Disruptors Transforming American Healthcare. It outlines a three-part strategy for the transformation of American healthcare and documents dozens of examples of the visionary, courageous entrepreneurs and leaders who are transcending the constraints of our legacy past.

Dr. Neuwirth is closely aligned with the Evolution of Medicine’s values, and he has been working to change healthcare from a high level within conventional systems.

Download and listen to the episode to learn more about the following:

  • How digital technology and group visits can improve healthcare
  • The importance of reducing or preventing physician burnout
  • The urgency behind transforming payment models to reduce healthcare expenses
  • Practical strategies for transforming healthcare from within large healthcare systems and “beyond the walls” of those systems
  • And much, much more!
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