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Update: Organize Goes to the White House
This week we bring back Jenna Arnold from Organize. A few months ago, we featured Jenna as an innovator in the organ donor industry.  She's leading the charge to solve the shortage of organ donors in the next two years by using technology to her advantage.

Last time we featured her, the Evolution of Medicine community showed support and interest that made a real difference. Thank you! We bring her back this week to share an update about Organize.  She and her team were recently at the White House to speak about their project with some important influencers from the industry.  She shares with us what she learned and what they were able to accomplish.

In this podcast you will hear:

  • updates from the White House visit
  • what to expect from Organize
  • what can we learn from this project to solve other problems

Crushing the Functional Medicine Membership Model

This week on the Evolution of Medicine podcast, we welcome back Dr. Robin Berzin.  The last time she was on the show, we featured her on the podcast New Models of Functional Medicine.  She had just opened up her membership based direct primary care Functional Medicine practice, Parsley Health, in New York.

We've brought her back because her practice is now a huge success.  She's implemented many of the things that we speak about in the 60 Day Practice Accelerator program and the Functional Forum.  James, as a member of her practice, has witnessed it firsthand.  Dr. Berzin is now opening more practices and looking for more physicians to bring on board.

If the membership model and Dr. Berzin's practice inspires you, check out the membership model course we're offering at the end of July in Salk Lake City.  It's a much more efficient way to capture the value of what you provide in Functional Medicine and it makes it much more affordable for patients.  Click here for more information.

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State of the Evolution

Twice a year, Evolution of Medicine founders Gabe Hoffman and James Maskell record a podcast called "State of the Evolution" charting the progress of the last six months and looking forward to the next. Since our last address Thanksgiving 2015, so much has happened, and we hope you enjoy the wrap up.

Some of the highlights of this episode include

  • The Functional Forum leaving New York and hitting the road, in American and now internationally
  • The incredible growth of the Functional Forum meetup groups and associated ecosystem
  • The IFM's landmark Practice Implementation survey and how it informed our strategy for achieving our company mission
  • Our 60 Day Practice Accelerator: the genesis, the first pilot program and our hope for it 
  • Highlights of the next six months including a huge launch in Washington DC on October 10th

We hope you enjoy this episode and share it with another practitioner. Thanks so much for all your ongoing support and our mission is built on your success.


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Shocking The Masses into Behavior Change

The Evolution of Medicine often highlights rule breakers and change makers on the medical technology front.  It's why we feature tools

for practitioners to keep in touch with their clients or patients in between visits, particularly, to create behavior change.

This week we feature Maneesh Sethi, the CEO of Pavlok. Pavlok vibrates, beeps, and releases an electric stimulus that ranges from pleasant to aversive to "shock" you into behavior change.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • why wearing a device that shocks you is a good idea
  • Maneesh shares his experience on the television show, Shark Tank
  • how to effectively create behavior change

Evolution of Medicine News Podcast #19

This week on the news we come back to our monthly segment with John Weeks called "Charting the Convergence" where we look at news stories relevant to our community, looking at the convergence of integrative medicine with medicine itself. 

This week you will learn about:

  • The Bravewell Collaborative's Philanthropic Impact of Evolution of Medicine
  • Emerging research on the importance of diet for chronic pain
  • Oregon leading the way in returning to the therapeutic order for chronic pain

    Please send us your best news stories to news@goevomed.com and feel free to share this with colleagues. Thanks to our sponsor, MBODY360. Make sure to check out goevomed.com/MBODY360
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Reversing Chronic Pain and Opioid Addiction

Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast.  There has been a lot of discussion, recently, of the opioid issue in America and some of the new CDC guidelines. We reached out to a reformed pain specialist for his unique perspective.

This week we feature pain management specialist, Dr. Kevin Cuccaro.  He's been on a mission to understand the causes of pain and has gone from being an anesthesiologist to an integrative medicine practitioner. He shares his pain medicine journey and what he's learned along the way.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • 4 things you need to do to help patients avoid chronic pain
  • why chronic pain is a microcosm of the macrocosm
  • how to work more effectively with pain management in your practice