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Future of Patient Compliance: Part 9: Solving Organ Donation

We are thrilled to welcome back our most popular podcast series "The Future of Patient Compliance" where we talk to technologists helping to solve problems in medicine, specifically those charting the shift from "compliance" to empowerment.

This week we feature a real mover and shaker, Jenna Arnold, co-founder of ORGANize.org, a technology start up aiming to solve the complex problem of organ donation forever in 4 years. As audacious as it sounds they have made amazing progress in the last to years and are under a month away from a major White House policy announcement.

Register here: http://organize.org/

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • Why organ donation is such a seemingly complex problem
  • How ORGANize is solving the problem and how you can  help
  • Lessons for practitioners on how to inspire your patients WHY

Evolution of Medicine News Podcast #12

In this week's episode we announce a new regular segment for the news. The last Saturday of each month we will do a new spin on the news called "Charting the Convergence", discussing specifically how the practitioner community is converging to make maximum impact in medicine. Choosing the stories and joining us each month will be John Weeks, journalist, campaigner and chronicler of the movement for more than three decades.

This week you will learn about

- The CDC's recent communication on opioid abuse

- How DCs, NDs and L.Acs responded to the news

- The important role of pain care in the convergence

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John Weeks is a chronicler, speaker, change agent and executive with three decades in leadership of the movement for integrative health. He works at the convergence of that historic trend with the medical industry’s recent engagement with creating health. John has consulted and presented with multiple major health care organizations – among these the NIH, WHO, AHA, AAMC, IOM, and APHA – and numerous other academic and professional organizations. He helped found key collaborations in the field including the Integrative Health Policy Consortium and the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health. John’s writing appears regularly at the Huffington Post, Integrative Practitioner, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, the Integrator Blog, and elsewhere. He speaks regularly on the movement's evolution, core challenges and opportunities. He attended Stanford for 3 years, studying history. Four institutions have granted John honorary doctoral degrees. Seattle-based, Weeks feels particularly lucky to have worked 6 of the past 15 years from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico with his spouse and their two children. 

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Leaders of The kNEW School: Collaboration vs Competition
Welcome back to the Leaders of the kNEW School podcast series where we speak with female leaders in medicine who are bringing their feminine qualities into healthcare.

This week, I speak with my friend, JJ Virgin.  She is a celebrity nutritionist and NY Times best selling author.  She, also, organizes The Mindshare Summit where she brings health entrepreneurs together into one room to brainstorm ideas to make everyone's ventures more successful. In this podcast, she speaks to the importance of collaboration versus competition and how healthcare providers can start collaborating and leave the competition model behind.

What you will learn in this podcast:
  • JJ's motto for development of collaboration over competition
  • What is the Health Mafia?
  • Which event will James be speaking at in August?

Evolution of Medicine Newscast #11
This was our best news ever... 
Welcome to our video newscast for March 19th 2016.

In this week's episode we cover


- "Spring Forward" - what are the health ramifications

- Meditation and exercise - synergistic tools for depression

- Dr. Kelly Brogan hits #1 in various categories with no media


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Leaders of The kNEW School: Hormones and Complexity
Each week on the Leaders of the kNEW School series, we are speak to female physicians who are changing the conversation with medicine and building us towards a medical system that is much more effective at treating chronic disease.

Today we feature Dr. Stephanie Daniel and we speak about thyroid and hormonal health.  We'll also be featuring Dr. Daniel at the next Functional Forum on April 4th in San Francisco. You can find more out more about her work on her website at functionalmedicineSF.com

What you will learn in this podcast:
  • thyroid and hormonal health and it's complexity
  • the role of evolutionary biology
  • how intuition plays a role in her practice

Evolution of Medicine Newscast #10
Welcome to our newscast for March 12th 2016.

In this week's episode we cover 
- How a bears hibernation is driven by its microbiome
- Dr. David Katz makes fun of the modern medical headline
- Donald Trump's 7 Point Healthcare Plan
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Leaders of the kNEW School: The Power of Listening

Our new podcast series focused on leading female physicians bringing feminine qualities to medicine continues this weekend with Dr. Tami Meraglia. "Dr Tami MD" rose to fame last year with her best selling book "The Hormone Secret" and lectures across the world on hormones, health and even bio-hacking.

What many practitioners don't know is that Dr Tami has been a keen proponent of integrative and functional medicine for many years and has built a thriving membership practice in the Seattle area. In this episode we not only looked at what she feels is the key skill to being a great doctor, listening, but also why she started a membership practice and how that practice model provides a more matriarchal framework for patient engagement.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • The key skills practitioners have to learn to be great listeners
  • The best types of questions to ask for real engagement
  • How technology empowers her membership practice

Leader of the kNEW School: Intergenerational Inattention
We continue this exciting series "Leaders of the kNEW School" with a fresh new face for our content. Dr Tasneem Bathia (Dr Taz) is becoming an increasingly visible figure in the integrative medicine space, teaching about all aspects of modern practice to physicians across the country, as well as many TV appearances.
Her practice is focused on families, women and their children, and this gives her an interesting viewpoint of the heart of medicine. We cover some of the most innovative areas of kNEW medicine, including intergenerational epigenetics, the power of attention with tips for delivering higher quality care. 
In this episode we cover:
What is the heart of medicine?
The intergenerational legacy of inattention
How to bring kNEW medicine to institutions