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5 Steps to Avoid Back Surgery

Healing Backs Without Surgery

Once upon a time Dr. David Hanscom was a back surgeon in the Pacific Northwest, cranking our surgeries like all of his colleagues. But in what is becoming more and more of a common story, a change in his own health made him think twice about his profession. That lead him to write his speciality-changing book "Back in Control: A Spine Surgeon's Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain".


David Hanscom, MD • www.drdavidhanscom.com

In this podcast you can hear the amazing story, plus the 5 Step process that Dr. Hanscom has created to help anyone get our of chronic pain. It is a truly holistic approach, accessing the mind/body and emotional components of this debilitating condition.

Three things you will learn from this podcast

  • Dr. Hanscom's realization about back surgery and placebo
  • The 5-Step Process that Dr. Hanscom uses to reverse back symptoms
  • How you can replicate his protocol in your practice with ease
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