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The Evolution of Sex Therapy

One of our favorite regulars at the Functional Forum in NYC is TheSexMD, psychiatrist Dr. Madeleine Castellanos. Her new book Wanting to Want gets into some of the most interesting areas of medical evolution that reflect her unique practice, like functional medicine and mind/body medicine.

As the link between sexual health and overall health becomes more and more clear, having skills and capacity to help with these issues is important for any truly holistic medical practice. Last week’s podcasts on vulnerability are very relevant in this area as well. Will you be trusted enough for your patients to open up in this area?


What you will learn:

  • Why the mind / body connection is key to evolution of sexual health
  • Our new understanding of placebo and how to maximize it
  • Physical factors that influence optimal sexual health

Disrupting Therapy: Vulnerability at Scale

Back in June, my room mate at MindBodyGreen's Revitalize conference was "The Angry Therapist", John Kim. He is a licensed family therapist and has such an interesting story and mission, and is on a mission to disrupt therapy as we know it using a combination of technology and community.

Check out his great talk from Revitalize, definitely the funniest talk of the weekend!

What you will learn

  • Why technology has the potential to disrupt therapy as we currently know it
  • How John's vulnerability on his blog launched his brand (and what we can all learn)
  • The important role of exercise in optimal mental health and how to inspire it in patients

Radical Vulnerability: Developing Trust

Episode #18

Dr. Leana Wen is on a mission to change medicine. That road can be a little bumpy, especially when you ask physicians to change the way they practice. If her book, 'When Doctors Don't Listen' caused a stir among her colleagues, her ideas about physician openness opened the door to outrageous online abuse. Check out her amazing talk from TEDMED 2014!

This week on the Functional Forum we are talking about vulnerability in medicine. In this podcast Dr Wen argues, and we 100% agree, that physicians need to learn to be vulnerable with patients as it is in the only, and quickest, way to develop trust with patients. In the infectious disease model, this was not a necessary skill, but as medicine evolves to treat the causes of modern epidemics, this is an idea whose time has come.

What you will learn

  • How the physician community reacted to her calls for more transparency
  • 3 strategies for developing trust quickly with patients
  • What Functional Medicine can learn about selling supplements with integrity

Everest Learning Academy

This is our most exciting story of our podcast so far! We welcome Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren to the show, as well as Kathleen McManis. Dr Tel-Oren is a Functional Medicine doctor that travels extensively lecturing and holding skin lesion removal clinics of which the proceeds go to support his humanitarian efforts in Nepal. The Everest Learning Academy is a network of schools, community outreaches, orphanages, and day care centers that educate, nurture, and protect thousands of disadvantaged children in remote villages from child trafficking, prostitution and slavery.


Recently, ELA was awarded status as an international Non-Governmental Organization, an honorary level given to other organizations such as Greenpeace, Peace Corps, and Amnesty International. Dr. Tel-Oren utilizes functional, dietary, clinical, and nutritional medicine plus special therapeutic modalities and in-depth detoxification protocols. Our work together is a reflection of functional medicine and energetic therapies in anti-aging, healing psoriasis, herpes and HPV, and optimal skin health.

Kathleen McManis comes to us live from Nepal as she shares what it is like being on the ground, being able to support this amazing project. Learn more about at nepali-children.org.

What you will learn

  • The Everest Learning Academy and its important role in helping children in Nepal
  • Dr Tel-Oren's unique journey to Functional Medicine via vaccine reaction
  • The important role of sulfur in detoxification and a unique source that helps kids
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Solving the Sleep Epidemic

Sleep is one of the biggest areas of concern in modern medicine. Not only is lack of sleep being fingered as a leading cause of all sorts of chronic diseases, but there is an alarming lack of sleep specialists in the country to take care of these problems. As we have featured regularly in the Functional Forum or on this podcast, technology is stepping up to scale solutions to this problem.


Dr. Rachel E. Salas is an assistant professor in Neurology at Johns Hopkins in Maryland. She has been working on a new app that empowers primary care, internal medicine and other practitioners to deliver great sleep care throughout the medical system, rather than just in the office of a sleep medicine specialist.

What you will learn

  • The real costs of sleep deprivation to society
  • Why all health providers really need to get great sleep
  • The details of this new app and how to get involved
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Hidden Genetic Switches

We at the Functional Forum as massive fans of Marks Daily Apple, a really practical paleo blog started by ex-professional athlete Mark Sisson. Mark has been inspiring people all over the world for a couple of decades and his blog is a natural digital extension of his core mission.


With the paleo movement now in full swing, Mark is now interested in influencing the work of doctors as well as end users.

What you will learn

  • Hidden genetic switches and lifestyle mismatch
  • The rise of paleo and the microbiome
  • Why doctors need to be part of the paleo movement
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Marketing vs Lead Flow

In the third in our special series of practice management podcasts, we looked at one of the most consistent areas of weakness for practices delivering root cause resolution medicine. Marketing. As doctors come from Western medicine they sometimes this marketing isn't necessary, but remember, pharmaceutical companies spend billions on marketing each year, driving patients to doctors by "Ask your doctor if..."


Matt, and his partner Dr Charles Webb from Freedom Practice Coaching, has been developing the "Patient Lead Flow" model for 10 years and now teach it to doctors as part of their FPC Bootcamp. Please visit fcpbootcamp.com for more information.

What you will learn

  • Why integrative doctors have a moral obligation to market heavily
  • Why marketing to a niche is crucial in connecting
  • How to pre-educate patients to set yourself up for success
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Employees Suck; Team Members are Great

Episode #13

Our mission at the Evolution of Medicine is to inspire and empower 100,000 micropractices across America to deliver integrative care. One of the biggest steps in moving from a service provider (doctor, practitioner) to a entrepreneur is a great team. But are great teams born or made?


In this excellent half hour with Freedom Practice Coaching's Matt Lowman, we take a deeper dive into what it takes to develop a crack team for your practice and some practical strategies to do it. If you want to take advantage of FPC's offer of a free 2 day bootcamp, with all flights and hotels paid for please visit fcpbootcamp.com. What you will learn

  • The difference between employees and team members
  • How to develop an amazing team for your practice through training
  • How to bonus your team effectively to get them to act like business owners

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Endobiogeny - Advanced Systems Biology

Episode #12

"Holism is the tendency in nature to form wholes bigger than the sum of the parts through creative evolution"  —Jan Smuts One of the important bedrocks of Functional Medicine is systems biology, a way of looking at the body that focuses on the interaction between bodily systems. This is a necessary framework for understanding complicated, chronic conditions.


The American Society of Endobiogenic Medicine and Integrated Physiology takes this philosophy a step further, looking at deeper levels of systems interaction and holism with a specific focus on the endocrine system and it's key role in laying the framework for dynamic adaptation. In this enlightening half hour we speak to Kaymar Hedayat MD, the President of this society, about their framework and the implications for optimal endocrine management and standard of care. What you will learn

  • Why the endocrine system is the most foundational of the human systems
  • The advanced diagnostics and treatments offered within the system
  • How endobiogeny bridges the chasm between Eastern and Western medicine in new ways

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Two Major Hurdles in Private Practice

Episode #11

Such was the feedback from our last segment we are back for another practice management special with Matt Lowman from Freedom Practice Coaching, talking about a range of topics relevant to the modern doctor in private practice.


Matt, fresh off his killer performance as keynote at the Functional Forum, takes us through some of the biggest blockages he sees in turning physicians into entrepreneurs. You can find out more about FPC and go for an all expenses paid trip to San Antonio for their 2 day bootcamp by going to fcpbootcamp.com What you will learn

  • The two biggest problems that doctors face in private practice
  • Why fee-for-service doesn't work for Functional Medicine
  • How to grow your positive impact, locally and internationally

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