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Zoobiquity: What can we learn from vets?

Dr. Richard Palmquist is on the top holistic veterinarians in the country, not only building a significant t practice in Los Angeles, CA but also leading areas of research and academia.

We recorded this podcast back in April in LA, and he gave me a book called 'Zoobiquity' by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz. This book is incredible, showing the massive value of collaboration between doctors and vets.

In this podcast we look at this exact topic, looking at the value that can be added to doctors, vet and most importantly their patients by learning from each other.

This is exactly the reason why we have initiated the Functional Forum meetups (link to functionalforum.com/meetup) to create the space and community where practitioners can learn from each other.

What you will learn from the podcast

  • what doctors can learn from vets to improve patient care
  • what shopping supermarket isles can tell us about what people want
  • the differences between treating and healing, and implications for root cause resolution

To find out more about his book, please follow this link!

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