Evolution of Medicine Podcast
"What I Learned from Speaking to 1000 Doctors"
What you might not know about the Evolution of Medicine and the Functional Forum is the origin story. How did we learn about the needs of doctors to create this vibrant community?
From 2007-2010, CEO, James Maskell had the opportunity to meet thousands of doctors and health practitioners during his role as a sales rep for a supplement company. This experience proved invaluable for creating the Functional Forum.
Fast forward to 2015, where we launched the Evolution of Medicine company, and one of the first things we created was the Evolution of Medicine concierge program, a 30 minute free session for doctors and practitioners interested in building their own integrative micropractice. (you can still book a session now)
Our co-founder, Gabe Hoffman, has been running the concierge program for the whole year, speaking to over a thousand practitioners. In this podcast he wraps up what he has learned from this experience. This should be required listening for any practitioner looking to build a successful practice.
What you will learn from this podcast:
  • The common thread of 99% of all the practitioners
  • Why the large wellness center is a dangerous vision
  • Common pitfalls that practitioners fall into