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Zoobiquity: What can we learn from vets?

Dr. Richard Palmquist is on the top holistic veterinarians in the country, not only building a significant t practice in Los Angeles, CA but also leading areas of research and academia.

We recorded this podcast back in April in LA, and he gave me a book called 'Zoobiquity' by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz. This book is incredible, showing the massive value of collaboration between doctors and vets.

In this podcast we look at this exact topic, looking at the value that can be added to doctors, vet and most importantly their patients by learning from each other.

This is exactly the reason why we have initiated the Functional Forum meetups (link to functionalforum.com/meetup) to create the space and community where practitioners can learn from each other.

What you will learn from the podcast

  • what doctors can learn from vets to improve patient care
  • what shopping supermarket isles can tell us about what people want
  • the differences between treating and healing, and implications for root cause resolution

To find out more about his book, please follow this link!

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The Future of Patient Compliance: Part 4

Here at the Evolution of Medicine our goal is to help to create structures that are capable of dealing with the modern epidemics of lifestyle driven chronic disease. Central to this shift is a movement from a patriarchal “Doctor Centric” model to more of an empowerment “Patient Centric” model. How can we create structures and systems that accelerate this movement? That is the purpose of this podcast series.

In our first episode in the series we spoke to Healthwave CEO Kyle Braatz and in the second episode we spoke to Freedom Practice Coaching CEO Matt Lowman, two companies whose technologies can drive and systematize effortless patient empowerment. In the third episode Andrea Nakayama, Founder of Holistic Nutrition Lab gave us her insights to the heart of an effective coaching framework.

We could not finish this series without hearing from Mette Dyhrberg of Mymee, as we are massive fans of her technology and patient empowerment is core focus of it.

In this podcast you will learn

  • How Mymee empowers a new level of relationship with all your patients and clients
  • Why a food diary is outdated in the real time world, especially when it comes to coaching change
  • How to maximize patient empowerment and speed new referrals from a technology
  • What Batman and Superman have to do with the Evolution of Medicine

To find out more about Mymee, please follow this link!

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The Future of Patient Compliance: Part 2

Here at the Evolution of Medicine our goal is to help to create structures that are capable of dealing with the modern epidemics of lifestyle driven chronic disease. Central to this shift is a movement from a patriarchal "Doctor Centric" model to more of an empowerment "Patient Centric" model. How can we create structures and systems that accelerate this movement? That is the purpose of this podcast series.

In our first episode in the series, we spoke to Healthwave CEO Kyle Braatz who shared some amazing statistics about "adherence" and how their technology can support that work. In this second episode we talk to Freedom Practice Coaching CEO Matt Lowman, a company designed to help any doctor or health professional build a successful functional medicine practice. Some of the systems they teach in their coaching program have a massive impact on "compliance" and empowerment, and it made so much sense to feature Matt as part of this series.

In this podcast you will learn

  • The powerful very personal story that fired up Matt about patients needing to 'have skin in the game'
  • Why front-loading costs on the first appointment is a big barrier to entry (and what to do about it!)
  • Why selling patients on every appointment wears on the psyche of the practitioner
  • How to set up your packages to incentivize the healthiest patient behaviors

To find out more about Freedom Practice Coaching, please follow this link!

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Vitamin D, Calcium and Root Cause Resolution

This week's podcast we bring in a nutrition rebel, Dr. Garrett Smith, to talk about some of his work in clinical nutrition. Dr. Smith is a Naturopathic physician practicing in Arizona with an interesting guiding principle.

"There is only one guiding principle in the philosophy of my practice. Many know it as the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” While this can be expanded in many ways, in my judgment everything eventually returns to this one concept. If I were the patient, I would want to be fully informed of all of my options, be educated as to why certain treatment approaches are preferable in my situation, understand fully what is being asked of me, and if necessary directed towards places and people where I can obtain necessary items and services for my recovery. My ultimate goal is to help patients get better and stay that way, regardless of treatment modality. That is what I would want, that is what I do my best to provide for my patients.”

In this podcast you will learn

  • The intricate relationship between Vitamin D and other essential nutrients
  • How hair mineral analysis guides his practice
  • Other clinical pearls in the goal of root cause resolution
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Active Tracking for Behavior Change

We first came across Mette and her app Mymee in 2012 at Heal Thy Practice Conference in Long Beach, and we have been following it ever since. Mette is a regular at the Functional Forum in NYC and we are excited to bring you all her active tracking app to you. The concept is "Data Driven Coaching" and we couldn't be more excited about it.


Mymee is unique in that it is the only active tracking app that is designed for use between a patient and practitioner. Imagine instead of recommending your patients a food diary and then waiting 30 days to see if they filled it out, you could see what your patients were eating, whether they were being compliant with their supplements in real time? That is the promise of Mymee and we think it is going to be a game changer. If you want to try out the technology, please visit her website.

This is part two of "tracking week", make sure to check out "Passive Tracking from the Front Lines: Oil Riggers."

In this podcast you will learn

  • Why active tracking is best for empowering behavior change How this would best work in a Functional Medicine practice The implications of this data (or lack of data) for your practice model

Passive Tracking from the Front Lines: Oil Riggers

Welcome to a podcast that is so powerful, it might cause your head to explode with excitement! We welcome onto the podcast Tyler Lafleur and Blake Bourque, two Louisianians on the cutting edge of the interaction between digital health and functional medicine. Blake is the CEO of Trinity Health, and Tyler is a nurse, Functional Medicine practitioner and President of Belle Diagnostics, and whats more they are offering an opportunity to work with your practice!

Blake and Tyler have a remarkable story to tell, one that shows that even the most unhealthy lifestyles can be empowered to change with the latest in digital technology. Blake and Tyler work with oil riggers, those well paid, strong men than run oil rigs. The are know for being very unhealthy, smoking and eating junk food. They are also so valuable to their employers that they are amongst the first people in the world to have 24 hour remote tracking of their vital signs. The good news is, as this technology gets cheaper and more widely available (think AppleWatch) that this could be a huge driver of behavior change.

This is part of our our two part series on tracking, please also see our podcast on Active Tracking with Mette Dhyrberg.

On this extremely enlightening and encouraging podcast we learned

  • Why their companies got involved in wireless diagnostics
  • The behavioral changes that arise from tracking unhealthy people
  • The incredible implication for Functional Medicine

Sustainable Micropractices: Canadian Edition

Dr. Christina Bjorndal is a Naturopathic Doctor from Canada, and her passion and expertise covers two of the areas we are most excited about at the Evolution of Medicine... the microbiome and building a successful micropractice. Her website is www.naturalterrain.com, and you can see more about her work as a clinician and advocate for Naturopathic medicine.


Dr. Bjorndal shared her experience from building a successful practice in Canada, which offers some unique challenges compared to the American market. Lots of value for any provider looking to create a sustainable practice model. Enjoy!

In this podcast you will learn

  • What type of marketing practitioners should focus on initially
  • How do manage expectations in building your practice
  • The benefits (and core strategies) to developing collaborative relationships in your community


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Structure Leads to Function

Dr. Laura Brayton has been one of the most consistent supporters of the Functional Forum since even before its inception. Back in 2012, when we started doing practitioner meetups in NYC, Dr. Brayton has always showed up and added value to her colleagues. As a Chiropractor and Nutritionist, she has built a hugely successful practice in Hoboken, NJ serving the entire family, focused on mothers and children.

Her passion for serving this community has recently taken her work to a whole new level with an upcoming book and podcast called "Well Adjusted Mama" which we are already a huge fan of. In this episode we talk "Structure Leads To Function" one of the tenets of Functional Medicine and also of the Chiropractic profession. Dr. Brayton matches a wealth of clinical knowledge to a history of building a very successful local practice, with tons of value for anyone taking time to listen!

In this podcast you will learn

  • Why structure and function are so 'aligned'
  • Why DCs are uniquely positioned to deliver Functional Medicine
  • How Dr. Brayton has developed a supportive peer group and community around her practice
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Mold and BioToxin Illness

Functional Forum appearance on the Lyme Disease Panel. Dr. Dashore was originally trained in pediatric neurology in India, before coming to the USA. She has trained in Lyme with some of the leaders in the field of chronic Lyme, like Dr. Charles Ray Jones, Dr. Richie Shoemaker, and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

You can see her appearance on the Lyme Disease panel here:

Dr. Dashore, having spoken at some of the biggest Lyme conferences, has now turned some of her attention to an equally formidable foe, mold. This is a huge problem all over the world, but particularly in the Northeast of the United States, where we have the combination of lots of precipitation and old wooden houses. In this podcast, we go deep into how this issues, and look at solutions for it, both medical and clerical.

In this podcast you will learn

  • The new data on the scourge of mold on chronic disease
  • The common symptoms associated with mold toxicity
  • Best testing, protocols and tips for adding mold strategies to your practice
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Healthy Gut

Colon Hydrotherapy: Valuable to your Clinic?

This week we are excited to hear from two doctors who have been on the cutting edge of integrative medicine for a combined 80+ years. This is "Colon Hydrotherapy Week" and we look at both the science (both recent and ancient!) behind colon hydrotherapy, but also the practical value of adding this modality into your practice.

First off, Dr. Stephen Holt, who literally wrote the book. Initially trained as an Internal Medicine doctor and Gastoentorologist, Dr. Holt was also doing research on the gut microbiome decades before the Human Microbiome Project came out. He wrote the "Definitive Guide to Colon Hydrotherapy" in 2013 and is a passionate advocate for its ongoing use in optimal patient care.

What you will learn

  • The effect of Colon Hydrotherapy on the GI system, especially the microbiome
  • The drug category that took Colon Hydrotherapy out of fashion (and the Merck Manual)
  • Best practices for getting the most out of colon hydrotherapy

We also feature experienced Naturopath and Chiropractor Dr. Russell Kolbo, who has been practicing Colon Hydrotherapy for 44+ years in his clinic in Washington State. We had a very broad discussion on the value of this modality in a modern practice. We discuss the emerging understanding of the microbiome and how the naturopathic community was way ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding its role in regulation of health.

We also talked about some of the practical aspects of running Colon Hydrotherapy in your practice. You can find out more about Dr. Kolbo's practice and work at his website

This podcasts series was supported by the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists.

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