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#3 Best Of 2015- The Future of Patient Compliance: Part 3

Here at the Evolution of Medicine our goal is to help to create structures that are capable of dealing with the modern epidemics of lifestyle driven chronic disease. Central to this shift is a movement from a patriarchal "Doctor Centric" model to more of an empowerment "Patient Centric" model. How can we create structures and systems that accelerate this movement? That is the purpose of this podcast series.

In our first episode in the series we spoke to Healthwave CEO Kyle Braatz and in the second episode we spoke to Freedom Practice Coaching CEO Matt Lowman, two companies whose technologies can drive and systematize effortless patient empowerment. In this episode we bring in Holistic Nutrition Lab Founder and CEO Andrea Nakayama, a technology that trains practitioners in the art and science of Functional Nutrition. Her ideas on empowerment really resonated with everything Gabe and I have seen in the field and so we are excited to add her to this series.

In this podcast you will learn

  • Why the 'therapeutic partnership' is the fundamental foundation of patient empowerment
  • How stories and metaphors help it make it easy for patients to understand the "Why" of your protocol
  • The best questions to use early in the intake form to get to root cause and empower patients
  • How Andrea's work comes together with Matt and Kyle's technologies work to form a powerful force

To find out more about Holistic Nutrition Lab, and to claim their free e-book on Functional Nutrition please follow this link!

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#2 Best Of 2015- Bread Head: An Alzheimer's Story

Episode #22

Max Lugavere is on a very personal mission to change the way millennials think about Alzheimer's prevention. His upcoming film, "Bread Head" looks at the new science on how diet can affect your chance of developing this terrible disease. So far, he has interviewed an amazing array of innovators in this field, and you can help him co-create the rest!

Max just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the rest of this important movie. Unless we make a radical change and can prevent this disease, it looks set to bankrupt every industrialized nation, mainly because it takes 2-3 care givers for every patient.

Please visit his Kickstarter page and help this vision become a reality! This was one of our best podcasts so far.

Max Lugavere

What you will learn from this podcast

  • Why Alzheimer's prevention is a personal passion for Max
  • The emerging science of prevention and what it means for you
  • How you can play a part in co-creating this movie with Max
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#1 Best Of 2015- The Micropractice Evolution: Corporate Wellness

​This might be the most powerful podcast we have ever recorded​. We hear from Functional Medicine Dr. Ben Edwards from Lubbock, Texas along with his employer, Doug Allen. Not only does Dr. Edwards have a powerful story about his journey to Functional Medicine, but his current employer Doug Allen's incredible story of how he has added value to his employees by engaging them with various forms of integrative medicine, from chiropractic to nutrition to a full blown Functional Medicine clinic in his factory.​

In this podcast you will learn

  • Dr. Edwards and Doug's incredible story and it's potential to change medicine
  • The impact on productivity and work site accidents of engaging workers in proactive medicine
  • The impact on all the stakeholders of innovating in corporate wellness

Click the link below to visit his website!​

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IHPC Part 2: Activating Through CoverMyCare.Org

Last week on the podcast we shared the epic history that took integrative medicine from quackery to the future of chronic disease management. One of the major recent victories, among many achieved by the Integrative Health Policy Consortium (IHPC), was the non-discrimination clause (Section 2706) in the Affordable Care Act that should have opened integrative medicine to the masses through their insurance.

We say ‘should have’ as the insurance companies have generally been out of compliance with that directive. The IHPC has come up with a plan (and a website) to fight this, called CoverMyCare.org, with the goal of forcing insurance companies to be compliant with the ACA.

We welcome to the podcast IHPC Executive Director Alyssa Worstel and board member Susan Haeger as they share the success of the IHPC in getting the wording into the ACA, and how our new brand of health professionals, as transformative community leaders, can work together to enforce compliance with this law and take integrative medicine to it’s rightful place in medicine, primary care.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • How the IHPC came to being and how it supports its 400k license integrative health professionals
  • What the Section 2706 non discrimination provision of ACA should have done
  • How you can get involved to help force insurance companies into compliance

The State of the Evolution: Thanksgiving Episode

Throughout the year our two co-Founders, James Maskell and Gabe Hoffman, take the opportunity to share with our community, the “State of the Evolution” address on our Evolution of Medicine Podcast, that gives a run down of the last few months and some of the plans for the months ahead.


Even by our standards, this last 6 months has been incredibly busy, including, but not limited to


  • Three Functional Forums in collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine
  • The second “Evolution of Medicine Summit” including the 7 Hour Practice Hack-A-Thon
  • The launch of the first affordable alternative to health insurance, Liberty Direct
  • The Evolution of Medicine Film Festival
  • The launch of the first airborne probiotic cleaning system, Airbiotics


In this episode we discuss all of these events, and more, and share our appreciation for our team, our community and give some hints as to our intentions and goals for the year ahead.


Listen in to hear all of the above and more, including some funny stories and key emerging characters in the Evolution of Medicine


What you will learn from this podcast:


  • The impact of the IFM collaboration on our business and outlook
  • The hilarious back story of the hack-a-thon translocation
  • Our recommendation for the best holiday gift of 2015


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Complexity In Medicine

One of the basics premises in Functional Medicine is systems biology. This helps providers and patients to look at the body for what it is: a complex, interconnected system. But complex medicine doesn't have to be complicated, and we are excited to feature speakers who make it easy for doctors to understand this transition from reductionism to complexity.

Dr. Bill Sutherland is a fascinating Canadian doctor whose book "Grand Rounds: Healing Wisdom for a Complex World" caught our attention at the Evolution of Medicine. In this podcast he shares with us his incredible journey from jazz to medicine, through family, martial arts, world travel and depression.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • Why we have to treat complex things in a complex way
  • Different ways to address complex situations from ADD to Cancer
  • The greater context of the role of the physician in creating health

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The Future of Patient Compliance: Episode 7

Over 70% of medical decisions start with a blood draw, and that makes it arguably the most important factor for the future of precision medicine. But how efficient is lab testing? Especially the use of specialty labs?

Throughout this series, we are looking at health technologies that have the potential to massively increase the efficiency of functional, integrative, and precision medicine. 

In this episode we interview Dr. Shaiv Kapadia, a practicing cardiologist and Chief Medical Officer of IGGBO, which has been described as the 'Uber for Phlebotomists'. With one in three blood draws never completed, this technology is helping solve a huge bottleneck in healthcare.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • Why 1/3 of blood draws aren't completed and what problems this leads to for their health
  • How IGGBO democratizes access to patient for specialized lab tests
  • Why improving the 'compliance' of blood draws is a key factor in driving behavior change

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The Future of Patient Compliance: Part 8

Every practitioner doing integrative, functional, holistic or naturopathic medicine (what we like to call "Root Cause Resolution") make some sort of dietary recommendations for their client as diet is a major cause of chronic disease and a modifiable part of health.

Unlike taking supplements of drugs, food habits go beyond "remembering to take things" but include organization, time management, shopping habits and more. Some providers are using health coaches, but there are emerging technologies that can scale the potential impact of providers at even lower cost.

Enter BodySite and their CEO John Cummings, a technology to empower patients with diet and lifestyle changes between office visits.

What you will learn in this podcast

  • Why behavior change is tougher for food than lifestyle or supplements
  • How to create more touch points for patients between visits
  • The way BodySite scales this process to deliver massive efficiency gains

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The Future of Patient Compliance: Part 6

Throughout this series we have been looking at a new paradigm of patient compliance, one focused on empowering patients towards their best heath. Technologies are arriving that not only create scale, but also reduce overhead.

One of the biggest truths right now is that the demand for Functional Medicine is out stripping the supply and there are many patients that are not within 25 miles of an effective provider.

Telemedicine is a technology that is changing g the game for Functional practices making it easier for them to serve patients, business and groups. In this podcast we hear from Andy O'Hara, CEO of Chiron telemedicine, and look at the role telemedicine can play in scaling functional medicine.

What you will learn

  • The most important value proposition of telemedicine
  • What doctors doing phone follow ups are missing out on
  • How the right telemedicine platform can help you create a great user experience with low overhead

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