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The Motivation Molecule
We wanted to start 2016 with something equally motivating and valuable. Over the last year we have been tracking Dr. Sachin Patel's work at the Living Proof Institute. If you haven't started following him on Facebook, I highly recommend it. 
If you were watching the December Functional Forum you saw this wisdom from him, which is typical! 
Screenshot 2015-12-07 09.27.08
In this week's podcast we hear from Dr Patel on a range of topics related to his upcoming book "The Motivation Molecule." Using the strategies you hear in today's podcast you can help even your most stubborn patients get motivated for a transformative 2016.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • What is the motivation molecule?
  • How do we individualize our motivation strategy to engage every patient?
  • What is the most important question to ask each patient?
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Evolution of Medicine Newscast #1
Welcome to our second video newscast for January 2nd 2016.
In this week's episode we cover
- The surprising drinking dichotomy of older and younger Americans
- A Nobel Prize for Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Harvard study on meditation and medical costs
Please share with a colleague!
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2016 Gameplan: Doctor to Entrepreneur?
If you have been following the Functional Forum for a while you know that we recommend Freedom Practice Coaching for practitioners looking for a high touch coaching relationship. You would have heard Matt Lowman on the podcast a few times and twice on the Functional Forum.
It is Matt's partner, Dr. Charlie Webb, who actually built the model practice that FPC trains practitioners in. We had a chance to visit his practice last year and have also been featured in the same conferences as Dr. Webb this year and found his message inspiring.
If you are on the fence about whether or not to 'go big' and make 2016 the year you transform your practice, you will find Dr Webb's message inspiring and empowering.
In this podcast you will learn
- The mindset and assets required to build a strong practice in 2016
- 'Presidential Marketing' - what it is and how to do it effectively
- FPC's new offering for 2016 and how it is different from what has come before
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"What I Learned from Speaking to 1000 Doctors"
What you might not know about the Evolution of Medicine and the Functional Forum is the origin story. How did we learn about the needs of doctors to create this vibrant community?
From 2007-2010, CEO, James Maskell had the opportunity to meet thousands of doctors and health practitioners during his role as a sales rep for a supplement company. This experience proved invaluable for creating the Functional Forum.
Fast forward to 2015, where we launched the Evolution of Medicine company, and one of the first things we created was the Evolution of Medicine concierge program, a 30 minute free session for doctors and practitioners interested in building their own integrative micropractice. (you can still book a session now)
Our co-founder, Gabe Hoffman, has been running the concierge program for the whole year, speaking to over a thousand practitioners. In this podcast he wraps up what he has learned from this experience. This should be required listening for any practitioner looking to build a successful practice.
What you will learn from this podcast:
  • The common thread of 99% of all the practitioners
  • Why the large wellness center is a dangerous vision
  • Common pitfalls that practitioners fall into

Evolution of Medicine Video Newscast #1
This is the first episode of our new weekly newscast. Each week we wrap up the news making the rounds that are relevant to the modern integrative practitioner. This week we look at:
- American Medical Association and pharmaceutical ads
- The level of lead in the water in Flint, Michigan
- Most cancer isn't down to luck
- Lettuce is worse for the environment than bacon
- Martin Shkreli gets arrested for fraud
Please send your favorite news stories to news@goevomed.com.
Thanks to Healthwave for sponsoring. Open a free account today at www.goevomed.com/healthwave
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#8 Best Of 2015- The Micropractice Evolution: Ideal Medical Care

Dr. Pamela Wible is one of the leading voices for the shift from production based medicine to relationship based medicine. We were first introduced to Dr Wible at the Heal Thy Practice Conference in Long Beach, CA, where she was interviewing doctors about their experience in production based medicine.

The story of how she decided what her Eugene, OR practice would look like is an incredible addition to our Micropractice Evolution series and shows off the massive value of a patient centric medical model.

In the last few years, she has gained much recognition (and a spot in this years TEDMED roster) for speaking about a taboo subject in medical circles... Physician Suicide. In this podcast Dr Wible shares some incredibly sad statistics on just how many people this affects and some of the never-spoken-of causes. This has lead to multiple TED talks and media opportunities, and we support Dr Wible 100% in her quest to bring light to these shadows!

In this podcast you will learn

  • The shocking statistics of physician suicide in America. How many doctors and how many patients affected?
  • What are some of the underlying causes of this epidemic
  • How ideal medical care, and micropractices, can solve this issue

Click the link below to visit her website!

Learn More!

#7 Best Of 2015- Functional Corporate Wellness: $bn Opportunity

This week's podcast one of the most important messages we have ever put out through this medium. Our vision for creating a vastly more effective health system is to empower 100,000 integrative micropractices focused on root cause resolution and community health. That might seem awfully far away at first glance, but many forces are converging to accelerate this reality, and one of them is corporate wellness.

Want new patients? Lower overhead? Cash over insurance? All this is possible when you contract directly with businesses.

America is unique in it's system of having businesses pay majority of the the health care insurance of their employees. The reasons date back to the great depression when there were wage freezes and businesses competed for talent via these types of perks. Once it was written into the tax code in the 1950s, it took off. Now, it has the potential to be the driving force behind your work, and your practice, being more valuable than ever.

Check out this 2 minute clip from our February Forum where I asked Tom Blue, Chief Strategy Officer of the AAPP, about the opportunity for functional and holistic providers to take advantage of working directly with businesses.

Businesses need to cut costs. Businesses know how to cut costs. They likely know the costs of each one of their employees. More and more of them are self insuring and looking for innovative ways to reduce the long term costs of chronic disease management. You are the answer to their problem, you just need to connect the dots. This week's webinar will help that process.

We have brought in Pedram Shojai, founder of Well.org to help us navigate the tricky terrain of corporate wellness. Pedram is not only a Oriental Medical Doctor by profession, but is also contracted with over 2200 companies looking for the services you provide, and is ready to empower you to engage the companies in your area. This week's podcast gives a great overview of the potential, and we have created a special event on Monday with a lot more information. Save the date!

Please join us this Monday, April 20th at 8pm EST, for a special webinar on how to attract and retain corporate business in your clinic.


In this podcast you will learn

  • How Pedram got involved with corporate wellness
  • Why now is such a hot time for business and wellness providers
  • Some practical first steps for courting corporate business
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#6 Best Of 2015 - The Future of Patient Compliance: Part 1

Here at the Evolution of Medicine our goal is to help to create structures that are capable of dealing with the modern epidemics of lifestyle driven chronic disease. Central to this shift is a movement from a patriarchal "Doctor Centric" model to more of an empowerment "Patient Centric" model. How can we create structures and systems that accelerate this movement? That is the purpose of this podcast series.

If you have been following our work for a while, you know that our co-founder, Gabriel Hoffman, is passionate about this topic, and has spoken on it at the Functional Forum, Evolution of Medicine Summit and more. Gabe has been a health coach for 10 years and in this series we marry the power of coaching to inspire behavior change with the power of technologies to scale and systemize these empowerment structures.


Each week our two co-founders, Gabe Hoffman and James Maskell, will lead a discussion on this crucial topic with CEOs of some of the most technologies tools that we have seen to accelerate the Evolution of Medicine. For our first podcast, we feature Healthwave CEO Kyle Braatz.

In this podcast you will learn

  • Gabe's simple three step strategy to engage patients into their process
  • The abysmal adherence of the current model for supplement prescribing
  • How Healthwave makes it easy for patients to be "compliant"
  • The different stages of building practices and how Healthwave empowers that growth

To find out more about Healthwave, please follow this link!

Learn More!

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#5 Best Of 2015- IHPC Part 1: How Integrative Medicine Won

At the very first Functional Forum in February 2014, the first thing that Founder and Host James Maskell gave the rallying cry ‘we need to start acting like we are winning, and stop acting like we are losing’. This simple concept gave the Forum the momentum and energy it needed to become the world’s largest integrative medicine conference.


One of our favorite talks at the AIHM Annual Conference in San Diego this year was cut from the same cloth. John Weeks, with a career spanning over two decades supporting this emerging field, gave an incredible talk called “Connective Tissue: How Integrative Medicine Won” giving a 50 year history of the integrative medicine movement and sharing the people, strategies and timelines that moved integrative medicine to mainstream acceptance.


This is must listen material for every integrative medicine professional, not only cataloging the past but also energizing the future of the movement, in a way that is 100% congruent with the mission and goals of the Evolution of Medicine.


What you will learn in this podcast 

  • How and why the movement was born  in the sixties
  • The three major eras of development from 1980 to today
  • Why the health professional of the future will be a change agent

#4 Best Of 2015- BBC PrimeTime: "Doctor in the House"

If you have been following the Functional Forum and Evolution of Medicine, you have seen more and more of Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. He was interviewed in both our August and September Functional Forums, and was the keynote speaker for our Evolution of Medicine Summit launch in September. We have referred to him as a game changer in medicine, but without the ability to exactly share why or how he is going to change the game.

Well, we are excited to finally break the news! Dr Chatterjee will make his prime time TV debut on BBC1 (in the UK) tonight, Thursday, November 19th, as the star of a new show "Doctor in the House". Over the next three episodes, Dr Chatterjee will show 5m+ viewers the full power of lifestyle and functional medicine, reversing complex, chronic cases in just four weeks.

Hear the back story of how he got picked for the show, what it was like to do and the impact that this will have on medicine in a critical time for the NHS and all health systems trying to find sustainable solutions for chronic disease.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • The crazy story of how James and Rangan first met
  • How he beat out 900 doctors to become the star of the show
  • A behind the scenes look into a TV show that will change the world.

You can follow Dr. Chatterjee on Facebook and Twitter

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