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Kirkland Newman is the founder of MindHealth360, host of the London Functional Forum Community, and is organizing the Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference, occurring October 10-13, 2024 just outside of  Washington, DC.

The conference aims to bring together various practitioners and professionals in the mental health field to discuss concrete solutions and advancements in mental health care. The conference will address topics such as brain health, technology addiction, gut-brain connection, trauma therapy, genomics, and more.

The goal is to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice and provide practitioners with a wider toolbox to address mental health issues. The conference is open to medical and mental health professionals, as well as passionate individuals interested in mental health transformation.

This episode offers a preview of cutting-edge perspectives on mental health, including cognitive decline. When you listen, you’ll learn about:

  1. Kirkland’s vision to integrate functional medicine into mainstream mental health practices.
  2. The epidemic of mental health issues, especially among young people, is a concern, and conventional medical practices seem ill-equipped to address the problem.
  3. An introduction to some IMMH speakers, including Dr. Daniel Amen, who focuses on brain health rather than mental health; Dr. Robert Lustig, who discusses technology addiction and the impact of the amygdala on mental health; Dr. Georgia Ede, Dr. Dale Bredesen, and more. 
  4. The gut-brain connection, trauma's impact on biochemistry and the gut, and the importance of safe connection and social engagement in healing are also highlighted in the conversation.
  5. And much more!
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In this Business of Functional Medicine episode, Kristen Brokaw hosts a conversation with Dr. Jarrod Spencer, a sports psychologist who also works with corporations and high net-worth professionals. In this episode, Dr. Spencer discusses the importance for clinicans to manage emotional energy and mental fatigue. Given that healthcare is usually a high-stress role, individuals must prioritize their emotional health and well-being.

Getting enough sleep, counseling and developing a mental toolbox to effectively manage emotional energy are examples of strategies healthcare providers should be employing. He also highlights the significance of creating a positive and supportive culture in the workplace, including practices like fist bumping and high fiving to foster camaraderie among staff members.

This episode validates physician burnout and offers helpful tools for managing emotional energy and mental fatigue.

If you listen to the full episode, you’ll hear about:

1.       Dr. Spencer’s scoring system, for measuring emotional energy, or one’s psychological capacity to effectively deal with immediate stressors in their life.

2.       Mental fatigue significantly impacts a person's perception of effort. When mentally fatigued, individuals are more likely to perceive tasks as requiring more effort, which can decrease their endurance and motivation.

3.       Emotional and mental fatigue can lead to negative thinking, decreased performance, and burnout.

4.       Compassion fatigue and neglecting one's own emotional well-being can have negative consequences on both personal and professional life.

5.       And more!

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