Evolution of Medicine Podcast

Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast! On this episode, James Maskell sits down with Yael Joffe, RD, PhD,to talk about the kickoff for 2021, the year of re-invention. They discuss genetics and genomics, and how they could change the profession of nutrition. Yael shares her insight as a dietician on powerful strategies for nutritionists and dieticians with functional medicine. If you are interested in nutrition and want to get in a new mindset for 2021, then this podcast episode is for you!

Highlights include:

  • The hierarchy within medicine and how the meetup groups are there for everyone to share and discuss their practices together
  • Looking deeper into nutrigenetics: How do my genes behave?
  • Discussing what “new nutrition” is and how it is accurate than just looking at genetics
  • And so much more!
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