Evolution of Medicine Podcast

Practice Marketing Series, Episode 3: Diabetes Niche Funnel

Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast! On this episode, James sits down with Brad Dyer, DO, a functional medicine practitioner from Kansas City. A former hospitalist, Brad has been practicing functional integrative medicine for a few years, but is making a big impact in his community. He talks about his journey to functional medicine, how he stays inspired and motivated in this field of medicine, and how he is integrating group visit care in diabetes treatment. There is so much to learn from this episode—enjoy! Highlights include:

  • How Brad found functional medicine and knew he wanted to start practicing this way
  • The turning point that helped him solidify his practice model and grow revenue
  • The gamechanger that turned his practice marketing strategy into a major success
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode

The Community Cure book


Group Visit Toolkits


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