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11 Days of Global Unity

Episode #4

This year James had the great honor of being a speaker in the Shift Network's 'Summer of Peace' speaker series, specifically the 11 Days of Global Unity, which ran September 11-21st 2014, culminating with the 400,000 person climate March in NYC. Some of the other speakers included Desmond Tutu, Eckhart Tolle, Daniel Ellsberg, Amy Goodman and more.


James was chosen to speak on September 15th as part of the health segment alongside Dr. Deepak Chopra, whose comments were so enlightening we had to put the segment on our podcast. The interviewer is Rick Ulfik, from We.Net.

In this podcast you will learn

  • Why 'we' and 'they' are constructs of the mind and not reality
  • The new science showing our interconnectedness
  • Why activism needs to be seen in a new way to be truly healing
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