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In James Maskell’s first-ever solo podcast, he introduces Evolution of Medicine’s upcoming event, VagusFest. On May 29, 2024, listeners can join the Evolution of Medicine’s debut VagusFest, a participatory education experience focused on toning the vagus nerve, that will provide hands-on healing experiences for participants.  

In this podcast episode, James previews themes that will be explored during VagusFest and expresses how the event will help advance health-promoting medicine.

VagusFest will serve as a model for clinicans to recreate similar events in their local communities as a strategy for carrying out public relations campaigns that promote functional medicine at the local level. VagusFest is a complete set of tools to run a VagusFest event in a community, including step-by-step guides, marketing materials, and PR assets.

Check out the full conversation to learn about:

  • James’ thoughts on what has been limiting the growth of functional medicine.
  • How to win over new patients who have been deterred by long treatment timelines and expectations to make lifestyle changes.
  • How VagusFest will give participants the tools to regulate their own nervous systems and create a sense of unity and healing in their communities.
  • Upcoming opportunities for practitioners to participate in VagusFest events and learn how to implement them in their own communities.
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