Evolution of Medicine Podcast
The Micropractice Evolution: H.O.M.E.

In May 2014, one of our favorite physicians Dr. Jeffrey Gladd came onto the Functional Forum to share his thoughts on what we were then calling "Integrative Medicine 2.0". Dr. Gladd has built a successful practice in rural Indiana. How could doctors use technology to deliver better integrative medicine?

One weekend before that talk, Dr. Gladd had a 'moment of clarity' and his talk on the Functional Forum started with Integrative Medicine 2.0, but ended with his vision for H.O.M.E. (Heirloom Organic Micropractices focused on Empowerment) You can see the video of his talk below.

During the talk, Dr. Gladd asked what medicine would look like if there was an integrative micropractice for every farmers market in America? That question sat very deeply with us at the Forum and lead to our vision for changing healthcare. 

100,000 integrative medical practices focused on root cause resolution and community health.

Since we shared that vision, many other doctors have got in touch to share their innovative micropractice model, leading to this podcast series. In this first episode we hear from Dr. Gladd from his talk from the 2014 Evolution of Medicine Summit, that was recorded that same weekend.

In this podcast you will learn

  • What doctors are afraid of and how to move past fear and build your dream practice
  • The H.O.M.E. model and how it can empower change
  • Dr. Gladd's other awesome innovations that have empowered great health