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In this episode, Darrell Moon, founder of Aspirational Healthcare, discusses the Nuka System of Care in Anchorage, Alaska, which has been called “the best healthcare system in the world.” The system is built around the needs and aspirations of the customers, focusing on building relationships and providing support to help individuals achieve their goals in life. 

Moon encourages healthcare providers to consider offering direct primary care memberships and aligning with employers who are willing to fund this type of healthcare. He also advises business leaders to take control of their healthcare purchasing power and align with benefit consultants who work in their best interest. Nuka System of Care has achieved high levels of patient satisfaction, improved health outcomes and reduced costs.

Moon invites individuals to attend the Nuka System of Care June conference and a conference for business leaders in September to learn more about the system and how to implement an aspirational model of healthcare.

Tune in to the full episode to hear more about:

·       How hospital admissions can be reduced by focusing on preventive care and early intervention

·       How CEOs can influence healthcare systems, through their purchasing power and by practicing problem solving abilities they regularly use to lead their businesses

·       How employers can align objectives with healthcare brokers, so that the benefits consultant gets incentivized to be paid for meeting the employers’ objectives (reduced healthcare expenses through direct primary care that emphasizes prevention and customer-centric care)  

·       Nuka System of Care provides healthcare at half the cost of other systems in the US, due to their focus on providing care that is aligned with the goals and needs of the customer, rather than focusing on profit

·       Growing demand for direct primary care (DPC) membership

Check out these upcoming conferences held by Nuka System of Care:

·       June 24-28, 2024: Nuka System of Care Conference

·       September 10-12, 2024: CEO Summit in Anchorage, AK with Aspirational Healthcare

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