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Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast! On this episode, we talk with Dr. Alejandro Junger, a cardiologist by trade and a celebrated and well-known practitioner in the functional medicine space. He is the bestselling author of Clean and Clean 7, and the founder of Clean, a 21-day detoxification experience. Dr. Junger is an expert on detoxification, and one of the first practitioners to advocate for its benefits and widespread use—a detox OG, if you will. He shares his health journey and a powerful testimony to functional medicine. It was a really engaging conversation, and I think you’ll enjoy it. Highlights include:

  • How Dr. Junger combines detoxification and intermittent fasting in his new book, Clean 7, to help more people reap the benefits of healthy detoxification
  • Dr. Junger’s own health journey and path to functional medicine and detoxification
  • Why community is the best approach to successful detoxification
  • Why Dr. Junger believes in the power of groups
  • His tips and tricks for running successful group visits
  • The role of toxicity in chronic disease, and how it is more damaging than most people realize
  • How to stop the naysaying and alleviate the tension between the old way of thinking about detoxification and the new way
  • And so much more!

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