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Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast! On this episode, James talks with Abbi Linde, PharmD of HomeTown Pharmacy, a regional chain of pharmacies across Wisconsin and Michigan. But this team of pharmacists is so much more than just a regional pharmacy network—they are community providers who know their patients on a personal level and are bridging the gap between patients and functional medicine. HomeTown Pharmacy is leading the way in shifting pharmacies from product-based businesses to service-based businesses. If you’re a practitioner listening to this episode, you’ll hear why it makes sense to connect with your local independent pharmacist, and how you can partner to deliver even better patient care in your community. Highlights from this episode include:

  • The HomeTown Pharmacy model and how they’re doing things differently than the average independent pharmacist
  • How pharmacists can play a critical role in building health resilience in their communities, and how that can be a gamechanger for pharmacy business
  • The synergies that exist between functional medicine practitioners and functional pharmacists, and why it is worth it to invite your local independent pharmacist to your next Functional Forum meetup
  • Why drug-induced nutrient depletion is low-hanging fruit for pharmacy business
  • Essential reading for functional medicine practitioners and functional pharmacists alike
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

HomeTown Pharmacy

The Standard Road Map Series by Dr. Tom Guilliams

Supplementing Dietary Nutrients Road Map

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