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Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast! In this episode, the fourth in our Practice Marketing Series, James sits down with chiropractor and author John Bartemus, a functional medicine doc from Charlotte, NC. John has built a very successful practice in the autoimmune niche, and he shares his insight on building digital marketing for his practice, specifically video marketing. John committed to making one educational video a day for a year and sharing them on his practice YouTube channel. He ended up exceeding his goal and build his practice exponentially by sharing his knowledge and expertise in a video format. His journey to successful practice marketing is one you can take, too. It was a super interesting interview with lots of tangible value for physician entrepreneurs. Enjoy! Highlights include:

  • How to commit to creating and sharing a video every day to market your practice (John made a video every day for 411 days in a row—wow!)
  • How to use video to market your practice, from pre-appointment to post-appointment
  • The journey from practicing functional medicine clinician to published author and digital marketing wiz, and how you can make that journey, too
  • And so much more!

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Functional Medicine Charlotte YouTube channel

The Autoimmune Answer book

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