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On this episode, our guest is Mastin Kipp, a best-selling author and creator of Functional Life CoachingTM. Mastin joined the podcast to talk about his recent book titled, Reclaim Your Nervous System, which discusses the importance of prioritizing the nervous system in healing and overall well-being.

Mastin asserts that befriending and addressing resistant parts of ourselves can promote healing and improve our relationship with our nervous system. Mastin highlights the power of group care and co-regulation in creating a safe space for emotional expression and healing.

This podcast release coincides with Evolution of Medicine’s launch of VagusFest, which is a participatory nervous system healing event that practitioners can organize to promote healing in their communities. If you’re interested in hosting your own event, please contact support@goevomed.com. 

Check out the full podcast episode to hear about:

  • Mastin Kipp’s journey into coaching and the study of the nervous system.
  • The power of group settings for facilitating behavior change and creating a sense of safety.
  • Co-regulating groups can drive the adoption of functional medicine as a standard of care, with clinicians providing support and addressing root causes when necessary.
  • Challenges of expressing emotions and the societal conditioning that often discourages emotional expression.
  • And more!
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