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Future of Functional in 5

This week on the on the Evolution of Medicine podcast, we introduce a new innovation from the Evolution of Medicine called the Future of Functional in 5. This is a unique opportunity to share your story and message to the whole Functional Medicine community worldwide.

If you've been following the Functional Forum, you know we've taken the show on the road to engage with as many members of our community as possible.  As we bring the show to Chicago in September, DC in October, Miami in November and back to NY in December, the Future of Functional in 5 will give members of our tribe the opportunity to share and be heard.

On this podcast you will hear:

  • the genesis of the Future of Functional in 5
  • the first presentations and the impact they had
  • how you can give your own talk

Apply to share your presentation at one of our next Functional Forums here: http://functionalforum.com/FoF5

Watch some of the initial videos we recorded at Powder Mountain, Ut in early August.

The episode of the Evolution of Medicine podcast is sponsored by the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine.  Visit goevomed.com/kresser for more information.

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