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In this episode, James interviews Dr. Bryce Appelbaum, a neuro-optometrist. For the first time ever on the podcast, we learn about the field of functional optometry, including how it differs from traditional optometry.

Dr. Appelbaum discusses the importance of vision for overall health and how vision problems can impact learning, behavior and daily life. His framework is shaped by his childhood experience with overcoming visual problems through vision therapy. He is passionate about his mission to raise awareness about functional vision care, even though he faces resistance from conventional optometry.

He also introduces his online vision training program, ScreenFit, which is designed to minimize the negative effects of screens on vision and promote healthy visual habits. Podcast listeners can use the code EVOMED to receive a discount on the ScreenFit program.

Tune into the full conversation to learn more about:

  • How one in 10 children have vision problems that impact their ability to learn
  • The importance of vision for neurological function, especially in childhood
  • Waldorf education and developmentally appropriate educational philosophies
  • How inflammation and cardiometabolic health relate to eye function
  • And much, much more!


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