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Evolution of Medicine News Podcast #12

In this week's episode we announce a new regular segment for the news. The last Saturday of each month we will do a new spin on the news called "Charting the Convergence", discussing specifically how the practitioner community is converging to make maximum impact in medicine. Choosing the stories and joining us each month will be John Weeks, journalist, campaigner and chronicler of the movement for more than three decades.

This week you will learn about

- The CDC's recent communication on opioid abuse

- How DCs, NDs and L.Acs responded to the news

- The important role of pain care in the convergence

Please send us your best news stories to news@goevomed.com and feel free to share this with colleagues. Thanks to our sponsor, Healthwave. Find out more about their functional nutrition education at www.goevomed.com/healthwave

John Weeks is a chronicler, speaker, change agent and executive with three decades in leadership of the movement for integrative health. He works at the convergence of that historic trend with the medical industry’s recent engagement with creating health. John has consulted and presented with multiple major health care organizations – among these the NIH, WHO, AHA, AAMC, IOM, and APHA – and numerous other academic and professional organizations. He helped found key collaborations in the field including the Integrative Health Policy Consortium and the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health. John’s writing appears regularly at the Huffington Post, Integrative Practitioner, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, the Integrator Blog, and elsewhere. He speaks regularly on the movement's evolution, core challenges and opportunities. He attended Stanford for 3 years, studying history. Four institutions have granted John honorary doctoral degrees. Seattle-based, Weeks feels particularly lucky to have worked 6 of the past 15 years from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico with his spouse and their two children. 

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