Evolution of Medicine Podcast
Entrepreneur + Physician Teams for Membership Practices
This week on the Evolution of Medicine Podcast, we continue our series on the value of the membership practice model as we feature tips and stories from practitioners who have successfully made the transition. We welcome Dr. Randolph James and Kevin Miller, partners in a practice called True Life Medicine in Woodland Park, Colorado. 
Dr. James and Kevin share with us their journey from being a traditional family medicine practice to a membership-based Functional Medicine practice. We learn lessons from their experience and are excited to hear more about how they were able to create their successful transition.
On this podcast you will hear:
  • how the team at True Life Medicine transitioned to a membership based Functional Medicine practice
  • tips on how to make the transition
  • the advantages of working with an entrepreneur when building your practice
For more information on the Evolution of Medicine Membership Practice Builder visit: goevomed.com/mpb