Evolution of Medicine Podcast
Employees Suck; Team Members are Great

Episode #13

Our mission at the Evolution of Medicine is to inspire and empower 100,000 micropractices across America to deliver integrative care. One of the biggest steps in moving from a service provider (doctor, practitioner) to a entrepreneur is a great team. But are great teams born or made?


In this excellent half hour with Freedom Practice Coaching's Matt Lowman, we take a deeper dive into what it takes to develop a crack team for your practice and some practical strategies to do it. If you want to take advantage of FPC's offer of a free 2 day bootcamp, with all flights and hotels paid for please visit fcpbootcamp.com. What you will learn

  • The difference between employees and team members
  • How to develop an amazing team for your practice through training
  • How to bonus your team effectively to get them to act like business owners

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