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Don't Call It a Recap!

Episode #5

It has been an incredible month for the Evolution of Medicine team. Our summit wrapped on September 15th and we have been busily working on the October Forum and a whole lot of exciting stuff that you will see very soon.


Gabe Hoffman is the co-founder of the Functional Forum. Hopefully you have seen seen his talk "Empowerment is the New Compliance" on the summit or at the Forum.

After our recent trip to San Antonio and Austin, we thought we would take a moment to catch our breath and look back on an amazing month. Hope you enjoy this format, we would love your feedback, good bad or ugly!

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The inside scoop on what its like to put on a summit
  • James's feelings on the EvoMed Summit and where we go from here\
  • What went down in Texas and what it means for you
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