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In this episode James Maskell is joined by returning guest, Dr. Shilpa Saxena, MD to continue exploring the use of GLP-1 agonists, specifically Semaglutide, for weight loss and cardiometabolic diseases.

The conversation reinforces the importance of using GLP-1s responsibly and in conjunction with lifestyle medicine coaching to address underlying behavioral issues and promote sustainable weight loss. Dr. Saxena emphasizes the need to address metabolic dysfunction comprehensively, considering factors such as fatty liver disease and insulin resistance, and using a combination of interventions, including herbs, botanicals, and lifestyle modifications.

They also discuss the potential side effects of GLP-1 agonists and strategies for minimizing them. Additionally, they touch on the role of group visits and community support in facilitating behavior change and long-term success in weight management.

Check out the full episode to hear their thoughts on:

  •        Normalizing discussions around weight without enabling poor health.
  •       The role of supportive communities to support behavior change
  •       Stigma around Semaglutide use
  •        Patient personas who functional medicine providers are best able to help, and those personas that are not a good fit for the functional medicine approach to weight loss.

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