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The Future of Patient Compliance: Part 8

Every practitioner doing integrative, functional, holistic or naturopathic medicine (what we like to call "Root Cause Resolution") make some sort of dietary recommendations for their client as diet is a major cause of chronic disease and a modifiable part of health.

Unlike taking supplements of drugs, food habits go beyond "remembering to take things" but include organization, time management, shopping habits and more. Some providers are using health coaches, but there are emerging technologies that can scale the potential impact of providers at even lower cost.

Enter BodySite and their CEO John Cummings, a technology to empower patients with diet and lifestyle changes between office visits.

What you will learn in this podcast

  • Why behavior change is tougher for food than lifestyle or supplements
  • How to create more touch points for patients between visits
  • The way BodySite scales this process to deliver massive efficiency gains

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The Future of Patient Compliance: Part 6

Throughout this series we have been looking at a new paradigm of patient compliance, one focused on empowering patients towards their best heath. Technologies are arriving that not only create scale, but also reduce overhead.

One of the biggest truths right now is that the demand for Functional Medicine is out stripping the supply and there are many patients that are not within 25 miles of an effective provider.

Telemedicine is a technology that is changing g the game for Functional practices making it easier for them to serve patients, business and groups. In this podcast we hear from Andy O'Hara, CEO of Chiron telemedicine, and look at the role telemedicine can play in scaling functional medicine.

What you will learn

  • The most important value proposition of telemedicine
  • What doctors doing phone follow ups are missing out on
  • How the right telemedicine platform can help you create a great user experience with low overhead

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The Future of Patient Compliance: Part 5

Earlier in the year we created a series of four podcast document on the key transitions that we see are needed in the paradigm shift medicine is undergoing to get on top of chronic disease.

One of these key transitions is the shift from compliance, a patriarchal concept where the patient plays a passive role in their health, to empowerment, where the patient is an active participant.

Catalyzing this shift are technologies that help to automate and scale the way in which we engage and empower patients. In this first part of the second half of this series we speak to Dr. Priya Kamani and MD turned technologist who is equally passionate about this paradigm shift and has designed a technology to visualize and automate key parts of the functional medicine intake process.

In this podcast you will learn

  • The "4 Key Factors to Empowerment" Dr Kamani learned from her previous company
  • How LivingMatrix radically increases patient engagement and adherence
  • How LivingMatrix can form the backbone of a system to track outcomes and prove Functional Medicine

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The Politics of the Evolution of Medicine

To warm up for next week's Evolution of Medicine Summit, this week on the podcast we connect with Alliance for Natural Health's Executive Director Gretchen DuBeau.

Those people in the USA that choose to live a healthy lifestyle, working actively to prevent and / or reverse chronic disease can sometimes take for granted the freedom to do so. We only have to look at Europe to see that this is not a given, and fortunately we have organizations like ANH working on our behalf to preserve our freedom of health choice.

In order to bring about the changes we would like to see in medicine, freedom of choice is a bedrock, but we need to continue to work together on retaining those freedoms.

In this podcast you will learn

  • What the Alliance For Natural Health is doing every day to maintain our health freedoms
  • The attacks on our health freedoms and where they come from
  • How we can work together with organizations like ANH to bring about real change to medicine

Evolution of Pediatrics

As we look forward to the 2015 Evolution of Medicine Summit, we are excited to bring you some of the best presentations from 2014 to whet your appetite.

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky is a board certified pediatrician in NY and has been on the forefront of educating both parents and practitioners about holistic pediatrics. Given that we are in the midst of the most rapid rise in chronic pediatric illness in human history, this couldn't be more timely.

Please enjoy the wisdom of one of our favorite educators as he takes you though the state of play in pediatrics and how we can evolve our understanding of the causes of chronic pediatric illness to prevent and recover children.

In this episode you will learn

  • Why pediatrics is so slow to evolve
  • The common causes of chronic pediatric illness
  • Best strategies to maintain and regain the health of a sick child

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Evolution of Medicine Film Festival

One of our major goals at the Evolution of Medicine and the Functional Forum is to help you build a strong community of engaged, healthy patients around your integrative practice. Back in 2013 I wrote an article for NDNR sharing a cutting edge marketing strategy used by Dr. Jeffrey Gladd to get 60 new patients in one night.

Since then, a number of practices have recreated the success of Dr. Gladd, using the power of movies to move prospective patients into their practice. It is only becoming easier and easier to pull off these events, due to technologies like Tugg that make it easy to schedule and market a movie screening.

Later this fall, we hope to inspire 500 practitioners and meetup groups to do a film screening during the same week and create a remarkable moment in this movement. Do you want to be one of those?

The movie we are recommending is "Escape Fire", as it is the film Dr. Gladd used and has been the most consistent movie for converting new patients. In this week's podcast we interview Jillian Burne, one of our most consistent attendees of our NYC Forum, about her experience doing a movie screening this Summer. Although she used a different film, the lessons she learned are invaluable to anyone looking to replicate this system.

Watch this space for the specific week we will be announcing the festival!

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The Micropractice Evolution: Telemedicine

One of the biggest reasons why micropractices can be the future of primary care is that the need for physical office space is rapidly reducing due to the rise of telemedicine. With more and more insurance companies and doctors seeing the value of this approach, how do you know what are the best technologies to help you develop your telemedicine practice?

Once again, we defer to micropractice innovator and technologist Chris Kresser. Not only is he a sought after educator on the clinical side of Functional Medicine, but Chris is also an early adopter to telemedicine and technology. In this podcast he talks about his clinics evolution from Skype to more robust platforms and discusses the practicalities of practicing telemedicine.

In this podcast you will learn

  • Why telelmedicine is such a great fit for Functional Medicine
  • Chris' evolution from Skype to Zoom to Chiron
  • What to look for in a telemedicine provider

We are adding Chiron to the list of technologies we think empower a successful functional medicine practice. For more information click the link below to visit his website!

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The Micropractice Evolution: Functional on Insurance

Once we started talking about integrative micropractices on the Functional Forum, we started to hear from all sorts of doctors who had built their own practices, innovating on the model. Dr. Evan Hirsch is one doctor, who build his practice in Washington State mainly on insurance, which is pretty tough to do. Dr. Hirsch has since added some cash services but his practices may hold some key parts of a successful practice model for those doctors not looking to go all cash.

In this podcast you will learn

  • Dr. Hirsch's story of building a successful practice (via a micropractice model)
  • The codes that Dr Hirsch uses to bill his time and services with insurance
  • Revenue streams he has added to build out the model beyond insurance

Click the link below to visit his website!

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The Micropractice Evolution: H.O.M.E.

In May 2014, one of our favorite physicians Dr. Jeffrey Gladd came onto the Functional Forum to share his thoughts on what we were then calling "Integrative Medicine 2.0". Dr. Gladd has built a successful practice in rural Indiana. How could doctors use technology to deliver better integrative medicine?

One weekend before that talk, Dr. Gladd had a 'moment of clarity' and his talk on the Functional Forum started with Integrative Medicine 2.0, but ended with his vision for H.O.M.E. (Heirloom Organic Micropractices focused on Empowerment) You can see the video of his talk below.

During the talk, Dr. Gladd asked what medicine would look like if there was an integrative micropractice for every farmers market in America? That question sat very deeply with us at the Forum and lead to our vision for changing healthcare. 

100,000 integrative medical practices focused on root cause resolution and community health.

Since we shared that vision, many other doctors have got in touch to share their innovative micropractice model, leading to this podcast series. In this first episode we hear from Dr. Gladd from his talk from the 2014 Evolution of Medicine Summit, that was recorded that same weekend.

In this podcast you will learn

  • What doctors are afraid of and how to move past fear and build your dream practice
  • The H.O.M.E. model and how it can empower change
  • Dr. Gladd's other awesome innovations that have empowered great health