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Reversing Chronic Pain and Opioid Addiction

Welcome to the Evolution of Medicine podcast.  There has been a lot of discussion, recently, of the opioid issue in America and some of the new CDC guidelines. We reached out to a reformed pain specialist for his unique perspective.

This week we feature pain management specialist, Dr. Kevin Cuccaro.  He's been on a mission to understand the causes of pain and has gone from being an anesthesiologist to an integrative medicine practitioner. He shares his pain medicine journey and what he's learned along the way.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • 4 things you need to do to help patients avoid chronic pain
  • why chronic pain is a microcosm of the macrocosm
  • how to work more effectively with pain management in your practice

Anxiety, Nutrition and a Forum from Introverts

This week, we feature food mood expert, Trudy Scott. She's a certified nutritionist and on a mission to educate and empower anxious individuals worldwide about nutritional and natural solutions for anxiety, stress, and emotional eating.

She came to our recent Functional Forum in San Francisco and afterwards approached us with some great ideas about how we can make the Functional Forum more approachable for those with social anxiety.  If you've seen the forum, you know that Gabe and James are not introverted by any stretch of the imagination, so, it was great to learn from the experience of others.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • why introversion is a nutrition deficiency and not a personality type
  • how to become a better networker, speaker and practitioner by understanding the social anxiety of others
  • how to start a Functional Forum meetup and make it a great experience for introverts

Cancer vs. The Therapeutic Order
For more than a decade, Naturopathic Doctor News and Review (NDNR) has been a central education platform for the naturopathic profession, both in print and online. Back in 2011-2013, our founder, James Maskell, wrote a practice development column for the platform.
This week NDNR.com launched its first Online Summit on Cancer Prevention and we couldn't be more excited to partner with them. If we truly want to be successful in cancer prevention, some of the underlying foundations of Naturopathic Medicine, like the "Therapeutic Order" are a key part of an optimal plan. We welcome their founder and publisher Razi Berry for a great discussion relevant to any practitioner in integrative, functional or naturopathic medicine... or what we like to call the "kNEW medicine".
What you will learn in this episode you will learn:
- The therapeutic order and its role the future of medicine
- Cancer prevention and where our leverage is in health creation
- Highlights from the current summit
Make sure to check James's talk on the Summit on Saturday or purchase the recordings here: goevomed.com/cancer-summit

Evolution of Medicine News Podcast #18

For this week's EvoMed News Videocast we welcome a special guest, game-changing physician and best-selling author Dr. Lissa Rankin.

This week we discuss the new research that confirmed what many of us had known for a decade... Iatrogenic Disease (caused by doctors and medicine) is the third leading cause of death in America.

It was a fascinating 20-minute segment, make sure to check it out!

Please send us your best news stories to news@goevomed.com and feel free to share this with colleagues. This week's podcast is brought to you by Dr. Lissa Rankin's Whole Health Medicine Institute. To find out more about the training for doctors, go to www.goevomed.com/rankin

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Adverse Childhood Experiences "ACEs" and Chronic Disease

This week we feature the work of Niki Gratrix.  She's an award-winning international renowned registered nutritionist and health writer specializing in stress and optimizing energy. In 2005, she founded one of the largest mind-body clinics in the U.K where they specialize in chronic fatigue syndrome.

We connect with Nikki to speak about ACE score (Adverse Childhood Experience). It plays a significant role in health and Niki has a great track record of working with ACE scores.  She's got some interesting ideas about early life stress and trauma and how it triggers chronic disease later in life.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • how to define early life stress and trauma
  • how your childhood biography becomes your adult biology
  • what functional medicine practitioners can to do become ACE aware

Anatomy of a Calling
Ever since we saw her first TEDx talk, we have been huge fans of Dr. Lissa Rankin here at the Evolution of Medicine. Her story is such great example of the vision we have for changing medicine. She is the author of two best selling books, Mind Over Medicine and her recent "Anatomy of a Calling" where she describes the hero's journey necessary for anyone to follow their calling in life.
In this episode of the podcast, Dr Rankin describes her hero's journey from medical school to "psycho-spiritual" medicine and what she has learned along the way, and the story is equally inspiring for doctors looking to rediscover their passion for medicine as it is patients looking to discover health.
Dr Rankin's Whole Health Medicine Institute starts May 19th, if you are interested in finding out more click here
In this podcast you will learn
  • The post traumatic stress disorder Dr Rankin picked up in medical school 
  • Her journey to recovering herself from that place
  • How she has created a structure to help other physicians find and live their true calling
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Evoldution of Medicine News Podcast #17
This week's news podcast is another in our series with special guest John Weeks, called "Charting the Convergence". 
This week you will learn about
- The 80/20 Rule in Health Insurance and What it Means for You
- New research from Minnesota on the Determinants of Health
- The Top 12 Moments in the Last 10 Years of Health Convergence
Please send us your best news stories to news@goevomed.com and feel free to share this with colleagues. Thanks to our sponsor, FullScript. Find out more about their best-in-category e-prescribe tool at www.goevomed.com/fullscript
John Weeks is a chronicler, speaker, change agent and executive with three decades in leadership of the movement for integrative health. He works at the convergence of that historic trend with the medical industry’s recent engagement with creating health. John has consulted and presented with multiple major health care organizations – among these the NIH, WHO, AHA, AAMC, IOM, and APHA – and numerous other academic and professional organizations. He helped found key collaborations in the field including the Integrative Health Policy Consortium and the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health. John’s writing appears regularly at the Huffington Post, Integrative Practitioner, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, the Integrator Blog, and elsewhere. He speaks regularly on the movement's evolution, core challenges and opportunities. He attended Stanford for 3 years, studying history. Four institutions have granted John honorary doctoral degrees. Seattle-based, Weeks feels particularly lucky to have worked 6 of the past 15 years from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico with his spouse and their two children.
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Future of Patient Compliance: Part 13: HRV Patient Engagement
Welcome back to the final podcast in this series on "The Future of Patient Compliance" where we have been documenting the technologies and strategies fueling the empowerment revolution.
Whereas most of the technologies have focused on either training systems or practice based technologies, this week we introduce our first consumer product. Having polled our community, we asked what are the technologies you use to empower the patient between visits. The answer was HeartMath.
HeartMath has been used by over 5 million people and is recommended by 25,000 health professionals around the world. Evolution of Medicine co-founder Gabe Hoffman used it successfully in his NYC practice for years.
In this episode we interview Dr. Tim Culbert a developmental and behavioral pediatrician from Minnesota who has been using the technology with great success for more than a decade. 
In this podcast you will learn
  •  Why Dr Culbert brought HeartMath into his practice and the results
  • The power of Heart Rate Variability to measure good health
  • Clinical and practical best practices for getting the best results with HeartMath

Future of Patient Compliance: Part 12: Doctor Compliance
Welcome back to our popular podcast series entitled "The Future of Patient Compliance" where we document the journey from compliance to empowerment as medicine shifts from a patriarchal model that was a good fit for acute disease, to more of a nurturing, community model that is more suited to chronic disease.
One of our first sponsors on the Functional Forum was Freedom Practice Coaching, who have bemuse the biggest company in the industry for helping doctors transition to a more suitable model for chronic disease care. We have shared some of their best strategies on previous podcasts, but this week we talk about a different area of compliance.... doctor compliance.
How compliant are you with what you need to do to improve your practice? If you are asking patients to change behavior or make investments into their health, how do you comply with your own areas of weakness?
In this podcast we speak with Deborah Matthew, MD a physician leader from North Carolina who speaks openly about what it really took to build a successful practice model, from being just busy to building a profitable, efficient practice.
In this podcast you will learn
  • Why a busy practice isn't always a successful practice
  • What it took for this doctor to get out of her own way
  • The key strategies Dr. Matthew took from FPC to take her to success
Freedom Practice Coaching is excited to announce they have a new weekend program to teach practitioners their lead flow and packaging system and have them leave with a 90 day plan to implement. The Functional Forum and Evolution of Medicine community can sign up at vastly discounted rates until the end of April.
Find out more here

Evolution of Medicine News Podcast #15

Welcome to our news podcast for April 16th 2016.

Each week we look at the stories that are important to the integrative medicine community.

In this week's episode we cover:

- New review shows healthcare will cost $18tn per year by 2040
- 3-D printed ovaries and what it could mean for fertility
- Conflict of interests to be shown prominently on PubMed
- Sean Parker gives $250 to solve cancer through cooperation

Thanks to our sponsor, MBODY360​. Find out more about their adherence and plan delivery app at www.goevomed.com/MBODY.

Please send us your best news stories to news@goevomed.com and feel free to share this with colleagues.

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